Trish LeSage





Trish LeSage is an energy healer of the violet flame (a healing technique that is a combination of visualization and energy healing), and she has used hypnosis and past life regression for years.  She is also a best selling author and a writer of magazine articles on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics.  Her articles have been published in magazines such as Sedona Journal of EmergenceThe Magical Times; and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit which are distributed at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at other locations worldwide.  She has been interviewed on many radio shows, including shows on MUFON Radio, CBS Radio, and iHeartRadio.  She has written the following four books which became best sellers upon publication:  


 How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness



Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, and Beyond



Traveling To Parallel Universes



Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology