The following is a list of blog articles written by Trish LeSage on metaphysical and spiritual topics.  Simply click on the links provided for each of the blog articles to access them: 


"Interpreting Your Dreams" (a blog article about how to interpret your dreams)


"How To Develop Your Intuitive Abilities" (a blog article that teaches you how to develop your intuitive abilities)


"5th Dimension Consciousness" (a blog article about what one may experience once they reach 5th dimension/5D consciousness and beyond) 


"Experiencing the Phenomenon of Parallel Universes" (a blog article about the phenomenon of parallel universes, scientific research on parallel universes, and a true, real life story about this phenomenon)


"Love In The 5th Dimension" (a blog article about the types of love that exist once one reaches a fifth dimension state of consciousness) 


"Teleportation" (a blog article about what teleportation is)


"What Is Resonance?" (a blog article about what spiritual resonance is and examples of it)


 "Communicating With Your Spirit Guide" (a blog article about how to communicate with your spirit guide) 


"Ascension and the Holidays" (a blog article about ascension to higher consciousness and thankfulness")


"Giving & Receiving On The Astral Planes" (a blog article about what can occur while we are astral traveling and viewing past lives, and we give to others unconditionally)