Landscaping is essential to your property’s overall aesthetic appeal, but does it increase your property value? This is a common question asked by homeowners considering investing in their landscaping.? 

Today, we will explore how landscaping can affect your property’s value. So, if you’re one of those homeowners wondering whether?landscaping Coquitlam?is a great investment, this article is for you.? 

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value? 

For many potential homeowners, one of the most significant investments they can make is their house. Therefore, knowing what can increase a property’s value is vital to optimizing its investment.? 

Landscaping is a benefit in increasing a property’s value as it can enhance curb appeal, create an inviting atmosphere, and save energy. By adding trees and shrubs with proper spacing and managing the soil, moisture, and sunlight exposure, one can increase the overall value of their home by up to 15%. 

Through landscaping, it is possible to increase a property’s marketable appeal while simultaneously cutting maintenance costs, thus making it an attractive choice for potential homeowners. 

Which Landscaping Projects Increase a Property’s Value? 

Whether soft scaping or hardscaping, here are some projects that can significantly improve your home’s value when you do it properly. 


Xeriscaping, a method that emphasizes using drought-tolerant plants and minimal water usage, can increase your home’s value in several ways.? 

First, xeriscaping is a low-maintenance landscaping option that can reduce water consumption and lower utility bills, which can attract potential buyers. 

Additionally, xeriscaping can enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out in the neighborhood. Using native plants in xeriscaping can also attract wildlife and contribute to an eco-friendlier outdoor space.? 

Finally, xeriscaping can increase your home’s value by improving energy efficiency. The shading provided by xeriscaping elements, such as trees and shrubs, can reduce the heat absorbed by your home, ultimately reducing your cooling costs. 


Decks can be an excellent addition to your home’s outdoor space and can significantly increase your home’s value in several ways.? 

Outdoor entertaining areas are increasingly popular, and a well-designed deck can create a beautiful and functional space for hosting gatherings and enjoying the outdoors.? 

Decks can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. A well-constructed deck can also increase your home’s resale value, mainly if it’s made from high-quality materials and complements the overall style of your home.? 

Decks can be a practical investment in your home’s value by providing a high return on investment. 

Mature Trees 

Mature trees can be significant assets to a property and help boost its value. They look great and are beneficial in terms of energy efficiency. They can even lower a homeowner’s cooling costs by two to three times more than young trees since mature trees have more significant and denser crowns, which results in better shade.? 

Their foliage will provide extra privacy, and their habitats can serve as homes for birds and other wildlife.? 

In the future, buyers looking for properties will recognize the bonus of having mature trees compared to those without them.